Cheesmaxx 200

High performance compact designed

The Cheesmaxx 200 is the most powerful fully automatic cheese cutter. Thanks to its moveable wheels, it can be used flexibly on every pizza and topping line. It impresses with its ergonomic, compact design. Thanks to the patented THC system, it guarantees perfect grating, including cheese skin. The Cheesmaxx 200 is easy to clean and therefore quickly ready for use again. The loading takes place via a hygiene infeed belt.
  • Fully sealed product monobloc VAC loading chamber with open drainages
  • Sidewall opening, can be adjusted to product size for loading
  • THC system for perfect shred even on the cheese rind
  • Power Pack for processing small cubes and multi-shift runs
  • Tool control feature*
  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • 15“ HMI integrated in swivel-mounted housing
  • Grid sets for dices and sticks and other shapes
  • Grid sets for shredding
  • Intelligent automatic speed control to adapt the output of the machine to the production line
  • SCADA connection for remote operation with integrated line process monitoring and analysis
* Accessories

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