Result topped by lengths

In the second year of the pandemic, the holac team is again busy collecting kilometers for a good cause with a sporting event, instead of the failed Heidenheim city run.

This year’s holac sports event started with around 82 participants. The 5km, 10km and 21.5km routes could be designed individually and run or bike.

We are very proud that our team, supported by family members, achieved a top result of 2237 kilometers this year.

The motivation was particularly great because every kilometer run counts as a donation kilometer. We are very happy about an overall result of 2237 kilometers and a donation of 4500 euros, each of which is distributed with 1500 euros to the: DRK Hunderettungsstaffel Heidenheim e.V., Kreistierschutzverein Heidenheim e.V. und Freunde schaffen Freude e.V..